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A Skunk is Born

Skunk on the bottom of the pile!

I get the question so often 'How did you get into this lifestyle?'  Well here it is, so listen up. It all started with a boring work day in January of 2000. I was just fucking around on the net looking at naked chicks, without alerting the systems guys! I came across yahoo clubs, then searched for clubs in the Tampa area. The search came back with shit load and I browsed them until I came across one a very interesting title. It was Tampa Bay Gang Bang Cum Queen, so I joined and saw a petite dark haired hot ass chick naked. As I checked it out further there was a message that said "I hold monthly gangbangs -Do you want to cum?". Of course I thought everything dealing with sex on the net was bullshit at the time and I thought to myself this is some straight up bullshit. I wanted to call her bluff, so I sent an email for an invite. I guess about 2-3 days later I got a reply, ok so now I am shitting in my pants, lol. The email had all the info and said to bring friends if you like, so I told my brother about it and he thought it was fake also. Later in the week I saw her online and started to chat with her... This is looking more real! Gang Bang day comes but I was still unsure, so I round up 6 of the brothas, not brothers but brothas in case some crazy shit was going down and I have to knock someone out - lol. We headed to the meeting place nervous as hell. When we arrived, there was a couple guys on a strip mall courtyard where the meeting was supposed to happen, but no chick. After a debate over who was going to check this out, I stayed in the car not knowing what to expect... or in other words 'Man I don't know what the fuck this is and I ain't going up there'. So my buddy came back and said there was a fine ass chick up there and they were going to this hotel up the street, but he needed to see ID's of everyone attending. A couple of the guys did not have ID on them and then the hot ass chick walked by, it was Phoenixxx Blaque. We hauled ass back home to get the others ID's but lost 2 of the guys, so the 4 of us headed back over. We had gotten the room numbers at the strip mall before heading back, so when when we arrived at the hotel we found the room and knocked on the door. Some guy opened the door and we looked in but did not see any chick. We looked again and saw the adjoining door open to the next room. We went in and saw Phoenixxx on the bed with 2 cocks in her mouth and getting fucked. Instantly I took off my clothes like in the movie the Naked Gun all in one motion. I dove right in just like a Porn Star...

O yes there are many more adventures of the Skunk...


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